What to Look For in Pay Per Call Networks

Pay per call networks can be a great tool for you to increase your business and reach new customers. However, you must do a bit of research before you decide on which one to use. Here are a few things to look for.

Multi-action, multi-channel campaigns increase performance

Multi-channel, multi-channel, multi-channel is the new black when it comes to marketing and promotions. A well planned out campaign will enthrall even the most jaded among us. The latest and greatest pay per call network in town is a prime example of how to do it right. For a small fee per click, you can put your best foot forward and make the most of it. Whether you are in the market for new business or simply looking to boost your cpc, a multi-channel campaign is the way to go. Using a pay per click service to run your marketing campaign will give you the time and the luxury of a dedicated account executive.

High-quality calls at scale

A pay per call network can provide the most qualified calls to your business. It’s also a good idea to use a pay per call network that boasts a robust tracking platform to ensure the call is tracked and reported correctly. Using the right network will boost your conversion rate and minimize the amount of wasted time and money. The best networks offer a variety of services that include click to call, phone number retrieval, call recording, and more.

Having a well-trained team of account managers will help you get the most from your pay per call network. Some networks offer a dedicated team of account managers who will guide you through the process of setting up and running a successful pay per call campaign.

Filtering calls

If you’re using a pay per call service, you’ll probably want to filter calls to your cell phone. While many carriers offer a free call blocking feature, there are also third-party apps you can use to block robocalls and spam.

T-Mobile offers two free anti-robocall tools: the Scam ID and Scam Block. When a suspected fraud call arrives, T-Mobile’s Scam ID displays a “Scam Likely” label. Users can activate Scam Block by dialing #ONI# (#664#).

Many mobile network operators have started to implement call-filtering technologies, such as STIR/SHAKEN, to reduce the number of robocalls. However, these technologies aren’t effective enough to eliminate all robocalls. In response, the telecom industry has come up with new methodologies to minimize unwanted calls.

Bandit signs take a lot of leg work

Bandit signs aren’t restricted to the big city either. They can be a cheap and easy way to generate leads for your small business, or you can pay for them. In fact, many real estate agents pay homeowners to place them on their property. That’s a lucrative proposition, but not all properties are equally suitable. The same holds true for the aforementioned PECO owned utility poles. It’s no secret that the utility company is a big fan of foot traffic and a well placed sign can woo a customer.

While bandit signs aren’t for everyone, they do have their merits. Besides generating leads for your business, they can help you make that all important real estate purchase.

Invoca’s AI analyzes lead quality of every call

Invoca, a 14 year old provider of conversational intelligence software, has been growing rapidly in the last 12 months. Recently, the company raised $83 million in Series F equity funding. According to CBInsights, a market research firm, Invoca is one of the top 100 AI startups.

Invoca is the leader in delivering actionable data for marketers through their call tracking and conversation analytics. Through their suite of software and services, marketers can get campaign attribution and drive more efficient marketing. Their interactive voice response tools and predictive models are all powered by AI. With a focus on phone-based consumer interactions, Invoca helps brands deliver a better customer experience.

ClickDealer is an award-winning pay per call network

ClickDealer is one of the leading CPA networks. It has a strong reputation in the industry and offers a wide variety of advertising services for advertisers and publishers. Since it’s founding in 2012, the company has risen to become a leading global performance marketing agency. Among its various offerings are CPA and cost-per-action campaigns.

In addition to its network of more than 13 000 active offers, ClickDealer offers a comprehensive range of advertising services. For example, they offer a Smartlink optimization tool to help advertisers streamline their CPA campaigns. Moreover, they use dynamic eCPM for each path. They also provide support in 12 languages.

The network offers a wide array of affiliate offers in all verticals, from health and beauty to home services. They also have exclusive deals with a number of brands such as Jumia, Murka and Aliexpress. Besides this, they are able to cater to a wide range of niches including automotive, finance, fashion, entertainment and technology.

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